Monday, March 7, 2011

Push Past The Noise

Job 36:15

"But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering; HE SPEAKS TO THEM IN THEIR AFFLICTION."

In this passage of scripture, Job's friends are in the midst of giving him reasons why he is experiencing the difficulties in his life. They believe that there has to be some rational explanation for his suffering. However, in the middle of their tirades, Elihu says something that speaks to me. He says something that hold much truth in this season of my life when he says... "He speaks to them in their affliction."

So, I've made up my mind! Instead of allowing the adversity of life, the opinions of others, and whatever difficulty I may find myself in to discourage and defeat me, I'm going to use this time to press in to God as hard as I can. Maybe you are there too. Join me in this! I believe that if we listen closely, beyond the chaos and confusion, beyond the backstabbing and the accusations, God Himself is trying to speak to us.

Maybe, just maybe, this is all just a distraction. The enemy knows that if we hear what God is trying to speak to us in this time, our lives will be radically and eternally transformed. All we have to do is push past the noise to hear His voice.

What is God trying to speak to you in the midst of your suffering?

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