Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Poopy Bathroom

So, after church today, we went to Olive Garden to eat. After eating I took Micah to the restroom where there was someone in one of the stalls ridding themself of some recently consumed pasta. As soon as we walked in, Micah says (very loudly) "Dad, it's the stinky bathroom!"

I tried to squash it by explaining that every bathroom stinks... To which Micah replies "It's the poopy bathroom dad!"

It wasn't but a few moments until they were done and out of the bathroom!

I LOVE parenthood!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Give Us Direction

This weekend Restoration Ministries is hosting a Prophetic Weekend with Tracy Stewart. Now before you start having a cow and think that we are a bunch of freakish charismatics that get together so that we can "prophesy" to one another, hold on!

By "prophetic weekend" we mean that we long to press in and hear from the Father. We want to know what He is saying to us in this moment.

Tracy Stewart is a powerful prophetic voice with an incredible gift to be able to expound on the Word of God with humor and simplicity.

Service will be Friday and Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 10:30AM and will be held at Restoration Ministries at 338 Amy Drive Goose Creek, SC. Full service nursery will be available for all services as well.

If you are near the area, come by and let's hear what God is saying to us. It's going to be a powerful few days.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Old Time Religion

Tomorrow I am going back into my series "Old Time Religion" in which I am trying to look past the methods of the "old church" and find the principles that we would do good to practice.
Many times we have written off all of the stuff that we learned as children but there are many principles that we need to reclaim to be a true Christ follower.
The last principle we looked at was the principle of perserverance. The "old timers" had the ability or, should I say, the tenacity to push past turbulent times and make the best of their opportunities. They would just buckle down and make things happen. They could push past adversity and remain committed to their cause.
Todays generation is quick to quit... a job, a church, a friendship... we are even the first generation to divorce our parents. We would be a better people if we all learned the principle of perserverance. Stay committed, even when we don't fully agree.
Anyway, tomorrow we are going to be looking at the priniple of the drop... or as some would say, sacrifice. Come on out and let's take a look at this "old school" principle that would do much good in todays culture of greed and materialism. Invite a friend and let's see what God wants to do!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Irrelevant Language

Over the past few months God has been doing something powerful in me. While it is powerful I am finding myself changing. I have always been and will always be unapologetically pentecostal. However, many of the things we pentecostals do, in the name of being pentecostal, reeks of irrelevance! The language we use and the way we portray Christ would send most seekers running away from instead of to Christ.

We have been searching for ways to cherish our deep pentecostal heritage while at the same time presenting Christ in a relevant manner to those that don't know him and that may not be familiar with our pentecostal antics.

Now for those of you that think I am running off the deep end and going "seeker"... Well I AM! Shouldn't we do everything we can to reach the "seekers"? Isn't that what the Great Commission is all about? Didn't Jesus come to seek and save that which is lost?

However, I am not leaving my pentecostal roots or beliefs. I STILL pray in tongues. I STILL prophesy. I STILL confess the word. I STILL get lost in passionate praise & worship. I STILL follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. What I REFUSE to do is become one of those spooky kind of people!

I have a heart for SOULS! I want to see people become true followers of Christ. I want lives to be changed! And I don't want to freak them out in the process!!!

So come on folks, let's stop being super-freakishly spiritual and live out our faith in a REAL way. After all, that's what Jesus did.