Saturday, May 16, 2009

Old Time Religion

Tomorrow I am going back into my series "Old Time Religion" in which I am trying to look past the methods of the "old church" and find the principles that we would do good to practice.
Many times we have written off all of the stuff that we learned as children but there are many principles that we need to reclaim to be a true Christ follower.
The last principle we looked at was the principle of perserverance. The "old timers" had the ability or, should I say, the tenacity to push past turbulent times and make the best of their opportunities. They would just buckle down and make things happen. They could push past adversity and remain committed to their cause.
Todays generation is quick to quit... a job, a church, a friendship... we are even the first generation to divorce our parents. We would be a better people if we all learned the principle of perserverance. Stay committed, even when we don't fully agree.
Anyway, tomorrow we are going to be looking at the priniple of the drop... or as some would say, sacrifice. Come on out and let's take a look at this "old school" principle that would do much good in todays culture of greed and materialism. Invite a friend and let's see what God wants to do!

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