Friday, March 11, 2011

In the Storm

Job 38:1
"Then the Lord answered job out of the storm."

Most of the time when we face the storms of life we would like for God to stretch out His hand and calm them. We want to be relieved of the pain that this life brings. As Christians, we want healing, debt cancellation, deliverance... and we want it now! We have been conditioned to seek for medicine to ease the symptoms, alcohol to help us escape our reality. We use whatever we can get our hands on to alleviate the discomfort we experience. But God used the difficulties of Jobs life, the pain he experienced... the storm to speak to him.

If we would honestly pinpoint the times in which we drew the closest to the Lord, most of them would be in times of pain, frustration and difficulty. Maybe we should stop spending all of our time asking God to remove the storms from our lives and learn how to respond to our storm in a manner that would bring Him the most glory.

I recently heard a statement by a popular minister that said, "You will not be greatly used of God until you have been greatly wounded." And I think that may be true. If we look through the scripture, it wasn't the norm for the Father to alleviate the troubles of his followers. In most instances, God asked that we respond IN those circumstances with a God-like attitude.

So what storm are you facing right now? What is it that is causing you the most pain? Stop asking for God to remove the storm and begin to ask Him to speak to you in the midst of it.

Let's talk about it... What is God speaking to you in your most current storm?

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