Monday, March 14, 2011

Beginning of the End

For most people in the church, the title of this post would seem to indicate that I am going to talk about end times events. Maybe recent tragedies came to mind. Quite possibly you thought of the Left Behind book series. Well, let me put you at ease, I'm not talking about end times.

In Proverbs chapter one and the second half of verse 32, the writer makes an interesting statement when he says, "...the complacency of fools with destroy them."

This jumped off of the page today as I read it because so many people I encounter live their lives in a state of complacency.

Now, of course, none of them would admit it if they were confronted about it. Most of us would not admit to living a complacent life. However, if we were to take a look at the definition of the word, it may describe more of us than we realize.

Complacency is defined as "an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction." Understanding that, most people who are complacent probably don't even realize that they are! They have just became so numb to life, and satisfied enough with their current situation, that they won't put up a fight to change. Maybe, you are that person... maybe I am. Have you been sick for so long with no hope of getting better that you just come to believe that is how it will always be? Maybe you have dreams of a better future, a happier marriage, a life free from depression but because you haven't seen a change in so long, you just quit trying. What about those who had big dreams... starting a business, launching a ministry, buying a dream home... but they let others talk them out of it.

The writer of the proverb said that the day we began to live in complacency was the day that our destruction started. That was the beginning of the end.

God never designed us to live like that. He created us with a purpose. He said that before we were formed, He already had plans for us. (And that those plans were good!) So today, if you realized that I just spent the last few minutes describing your life situation, please shake yourself out of your complacency! Ask the Father to reawaken the desires and dreams that you once knew. Allow the Holy Spirit to breath life into your imagination. And begin to dream again!

Don't let today be the beginning of the end. Make today the beginning of your future! How will you start living life today?

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