Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Divine Vindication

In my quiet time this morning, I was reading Psalm chapter six and it spurred this thought. I hope you enjoy.

When writing this psalm, David was in a time of such distress that he wept all night. He cried so much that his bed was actually wet. It became so damp from his tears that he likened it to a pool (vs. 6). But as he is cried out to the Lord in his anguish, pouring out his heart, he looked up and saw that his enemies had surrounded him. They gathered to watch, and probably gloat, in his hardship.

There will be times in our lives as well, that we will find ourselves crying out to the Lord in distress. There will be times of disappointment, betrayal, frustration. There will be times when we just begin to bare our hearts to heaven in all transparency.

And in those times, if you look around, there will be those who gather. They want to bask in your hardship. They long to see you fall.

We must learn to be like David. We must brush ourselves off, lift our head and turn to a faith-filled confidence in God that says

"The Lord HAS heard the voice of my weeping.

The Lord HAS heard my supplication.

The Lord WILL receive my prayer."

Don't let those that would like to see you fail have the pleasure of seeing that. Turn your faith to the Lord and allow Him to vindicate you. Put your best foot forward and watch as God puts your enemy to shame.

Psalm 37:6

"He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday."

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