Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Turned Tail and Ran

Psalm 9:3-4
"When my enemies turn back, they shall fall and perish at Your presence. For You maintained my right and my cause." (NKJV)

"The day my enemies turned tail and ran they stumbled on You and fell on their faces. You took over and set everything right; when I needed you, you were there, taking charge." (Message)

We all have enemies. We all face adversity. It is really how we handle it that determines our outcome.

Instead of fighting back or trying to defend ourselves from false accusations and the such, we should quietly continue to make sure we are right with God. When we maintain our relationship with Him and allow Him to deal with our issues, then HE will maintain our right and our cause. He will clear our name. He will right the wrongs!

When the Lord starts getting our back we will find that our enemies will turn tail and run. So today, determine to allow God to vindicate you and silently watch as He takes over and sets everything right. Be blessed!

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