Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introduction to my life

For those who don't know me I will take my first blog and let you get to know me.

First, I am Chuck Barrineau. I am the Lead Pastor at the greatest church in the world, Restoration Ministries. We are a group of wild people that love Jesus and people who long to be a RELEVANT, PROPHETIC voice in our generation! RM is a place where race or social status doesn't matter. I am warning you, if you show up, you will get hugged!

Next, I am the father of Micah Elias Barrineau. Micah means "one who is like the Lord" and Elias means "mouthpiece of God." Cool huh? He will be 3 on July 31 but he acts like he is grown now! He trips me out!!! Around September, Micah will become a big brother. That is something that we are VERY excited about.

Finally, I am married to the most wonderful woman on the planet (not to mention, the most beautiful!), Stephanie. She is my best friend, my partner in ministry, the one I can just be silly with. We are incredibly happy and love to have fun. (If you think Pastors are supposed to just sit around and pray all day, you will NOT like us!)

Well, that about wraps it all up in a nutshell. I hope this helps you understand a little about me. Take care and check back because there's much more to come!


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